You may have heard of the term “Niche” and wondered what the heck it means.

A niche is simply a GROUP of PEOPLE…….wait, really? it’s not such a complicated word as you may have been thinking. But I bet you, it’s a very important term.



Because these group of people has an interest in something specific, And If you are planning on selling to people on the Internet, you are going to learn how to be very specific so you can reach a specific group of people.


Picture this:

You walk into a supermarket, you are looking for a solution and advice on how to clear spots on your skin. From whom are you going to get that kind of advice from? the attendants? bad Idea. They are going to recommend to you what they ‘think’ is good. They have no expertise in that area.

But if you walked into a dermatologists clinic, wouldn’t you get the right information first hand?

This same scenario happens in the online marketplace. Someone will not trust to buy from you if you are a jack of all trade. They will, instead, prefer to buy from someone who seems to know more about that specific thing which they are interested in. Someone who is constantly offering information or their knowledge pertaining something specific.

Not from someone who knows everything about everything.


The Internet Marketplace.

The earth population right now is at 7.347 Billion people. Facebook alone has 1.86 Billion monthly active users and growing.

What percentage of those numbers do you think shop online? Your guess is as good as mine. Statistics show an average of not less than TWO BILLION people. That is quite a HUGE marketplace.

Yet people make millions just by targeting a much smaller number.


Coming up with a Niche

You now know that a niche is a group of people and when you want to sell to a particular group of people, you target a need that they have, that they require a solution for.


When a niche is too broad.

Take an example of the health industry. The word health is a broad term. You cannot market a product to a person and tell them that it is good for their health – even though that may be the case. You have to be specific as to what that product is meant to do.


Breaking down the health niche.

Does the product;

-Help them lose weight

-Does it help them add weight

-Is it for detox

-Is it for hair loss

-Is it a protein shake for weight lifters

-Is it a cure for a specific ailment

-Is it for clearing out skin breakouts like acne

Another example;

The kids’ Industry

It can be broken down into some of the following categories;

-Baby diapers – cloth, organic, disposable diapers

-Baby equipment – strollers, cribs etc

-Toys – Teething toys or just normal toys.

-Learning apps or devices

-Children’s books

All the above are a group of millions of people looking for something specific and that is why you want to focus on a specific category.


Should I be worried about competition?

In every niche, there are thousands and much more, low competition keywords that you can use to target that particular group of people.

Keywords are the words or phrases a group of people will use when they are looking for something online.

Read more about Keywords here

No niche is too competitive. You will have your share of the market. After all, aren’t there millions of babies born each year? and billions of people living on this earth?


Final Thoughts

Now that you know what a niche is, from now on, when you sit down and think about it, think in terms of a group of people looking for something. Think in terms of, what kind of information, product or service you want to offer a particular group of people.

Focussing on a particular subject has its advantages. It allows you to learn and be constantly updated on the new trends in that niche, as opposed to when your attention is scattered all over. That can only work if you are running a supermarket. You have suppliers to deal with the trends for you.

If you are interested in knowing how you can build an online business around a niche, check out this review of Wealthy Affiliate.

The step by step course offered will show you how to take your interest and refocus them towards a niche. That way you will be doing what you love most and earn money from it at the same time.

Or you can go right ahead and start off with a free Wealthy Affiliate account here.

If you do have any questions or comments, leave them in the comment box below and I will get back to them.


  1. The day I learned to think about a niche as a group of people, rather than a topic, the whole game changed for me. My ability to produce content was better and I was able to make more meaningful connections.

    When you think about a niche as a group of people, your writing genuinely reflects it. This is why I have adopted the saying, “Monetize your interests, not your website or blog,” with your interest being your niche.

    The most valuable part of this post is learning how to look at a broad niche and narrow it down so it could be even more specific. I do believe the more specific your niche is, the greater your chance of ranking high in Google.

    Thank you for shifting niches and what they are into a new perspective. Thinking about niches in this manner makes it way more easier to deal with than looking at a niche as a topic which is how I looked at them when I first started out.

    • Hello, Shonna. Indeed you are right – an interest is a niche and that should be the main focus when monetizing a blog. Thank you for reading.

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