What is a blog

A blog is a combination of web and log – which means that it is a site that consists of a series of entries that is updated frequently with more or new information.

The entries (content) is often written in an informal or conversational style.


Difference between a blog and a website

The major difference is that the content in a website is static – it remains the same. While the content on a blog is refreshed with more content.

Although the website owner may add more content in form of pages, the order in which the information is presented cannot be changed later.


The advantages of a Blog

A blog is a way of building relationships with your website visitors.

As opposed to a website, where you visit, read and the story ends there, a blog triggers some form of interaction.

The information on a blog is also supposed to offer continuity.


Why a blog is a valuable resource

-One can share their interests or expertise in any field with others.

-Other people can contribute their opinions to your blog posts as guest authors or offer their views in form of comments.

-Build trust – You are able to communicate about your brand by constantly updating your blog with fresh content which in turn builds trust among your followers.

-When one blogs about their topic of interest, they become an expert in that industry. Hense your site becomes a credible source of information that a person can refer to.

-Search engine rankings – A blog allows your blog to be found by the relevant people. By using Keywords in your content, google will make sure a person searching for the specific information you have provided will find it.

-Marketing tool – A blog is a great marketing tool for products or services you may have. Affiliate Marketers especially find it invaluable.

-Social media – You can connect your blog to all your social media platforms at the touch of a button if you wish your connections to follow on what you are doing. This is another very valuable aspect of marketing your blog.

Food for thought

If you are thinking of creating your own space on the Internet, a Blog is a good way to start and it’s not as hard to set up one, as you may be thinking. Setting up a blog can take a matter of minutes. Check out this post on creating a website in the shortest time.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to leave them in the comment box below and I will get back to them.



  1. Hi,

    Thank you for clarifying me about the different between of the blog and website.

    I also have a question about the different between the site and website. is there any different between them?
    I will be happy to read your next post about this.


  2. Hi,

    My son that’s 12 years old has been asking for help on setting up a “website blog”, so nice informative article here. Though still not sure if he’s to young for a blog, suppose everything will have to pass by me!

    • That’s so awesome Nali! He seems to have big ambitions for His age. It’s a good thing. I guess you could ask Him why He needs a blog and then help him set up His first blog. You never know, there just might be something big waiting to happen in that young man. I wish Him success.

  3. Great article! I guess I always knew the difference between the two but just never made the connection. Clearly they do both operate differently. Personally, I enjoy the blog. I feel like it gives me more room to be myself and be creative. I gives me a chance to make the human connection with my audience. I get to share my personality with everyone one a much deeper level.

    Excellent post thank you!

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