Program: The Four Percent Group

Owner: Vick Strizheus

Cost: $49 recurring monthly – with an option for a one-time lifetime subscription (both apparently discounted)





Is The 4 Percent Group a scam?

If you are thinking of joining this program, please read the following review so you can make an informed decision.

I joined The 4% Group after I watched a sales presentation video promising that the system would help anyone who has never earned a dime online, to earn their first dollar.

Since my mission is to guide people on the best legitimate ways to build an online business, I decided to give it a shot then come back here with a helpful unbiased review.


What is the 4Percent Group and who is it designed for?

The Four Percent Group is an Affiliate Program that was launched by a guy who goes by the name Vick Strizheous (auto correct is advising me that that name is in fact strike out and not Strizheous hehe)
It a System that claims to be designed with total newbies in mind, to help them earn money quickly and easily through a done-for-you system.


Tools & Training

The training is divided up into episodes – from episode 1 up through to episode 7. With some additional training after the completion of the episodes.
The Four Percent Group claims to have the world’s most powerful training center and a marketplace. This is somewhat true. In my opinion, Vick Strizheous has taken the time to set up a relatively good video guide.
I followed the step by step training up until episode 5 without getting stuck.

Also, one cannot continue to the next step unless a previous task is completed.


The kind of Support available

I would say that the support is pretty good. I only had to raise a support ticket once and all other communication happened almost instantly every time I replied to the support email.
The support team responds very fast to your emails. They seem to be working in shifts since my email would sometimes be replied to by a different person. It happened seamlessly though. I would have never noticed it was a different person if they didn’t sign off with their names.


Cost of membership


Joining is free (or so I thought) That was my first disappointment with The 4% Group. And this kind of thing happens in many online money making programs.
They pull you in with a false free account without disclosing prior, the subscription fee waiting for you on the other side.
-There is the monthly recurring $49 membership and an option for a one-time $450-lifetime membership.


How the money is made

Apart from The 4Percent Group itself, money is to be earned through what Vick calls MSI (Multiple streams of income) – promoting several programs at the same time.
These programs are very legitimate and some have been running successfully for several years, especially the autoresponder systems.


Click Funnels and Click Magick – both owned by Russel Brunson
Aweber and GetResponse – autoresponder companies
Leadpages – opt-in page creator
Namecheap – domain registration company
Udimi – a solo Ad marketplace
TecAdemics – formerly known as IMC- Internet Marketing College
The Traffic Source – available for pro members


How do you promote the above programs?
Here comes another catch – to successfully promote these programs one has to purchase traffic through a traffic broker, of which that traffic is costly.
Vick has organized a discount for the 4 percenters, which allows them to make their first traffic order at 300$ – still very much on the higher side for anyone starting out online.


Refund Policy

Vick uses Clickbank and Clickbetter payment processors. It is clearly stated on the payment page that the refund policy is valid for 60 days from the date of purchase.

But on The 4% Group members dashboard, the validity period changes to 30 days from the date of purchase. This is very misleading. One would term this as unethical business practices.


Final Thoughts

The 4% Group is a somewhat good online money making system. The only problems are;


Vick does not reveal the right information at the beginning.

At some point further in the training, Vick mentions that there are a lot of tire kickers on board the 4Percent and that that is the reason why He introduces the paid membership.

If He would be open about the real cost of membership from the start, I believe His system would attract the right people who are really interested in what He has to offer, and who can afford the high-cost traffic purchases.


There are two conflicting refund policies

Inside the 4% group, Vick comes across as a good genuine guy. I have read stories online of how Vick has previously been involved in unethical business practices before and although I do not like to judge a person by his past, the issue about the return policy does not help much in changing someone’s thoughts.

If He could also not have two conflicting refund policies, someone would be a little bit convinced that He does not involve in unethical business practices anymore.

Also, the system is not really as done-for-you as one would be expecting. There is a lot of work to be done on your part.



Is it newbie friendly?

Somewhat. Only because of the step by step video lesson guidance available. A newbie might still get

Somewhat. Only because of the step by step video lesson guidance available. A complete newbie may still get confused somewhere along the way. I did see some people post on the threads, that they had gotten stuck.



In comparison to a program like Wealthy Affiliate, it is definitely no match – the level of transparency is above par. Wealthy Affiliate does not market itself by first pulling someone in with a false promise. Information is available from the very beginning.



What are your thoughts? Do you have any questions or comments? please leave them below and I will get back to them.


  1. Hi Ami,

    This is great review of The 4% Group. It looks like you did your research and laid the pros and cons of the program really well. I’ve always been skeptical of such groups who claim that they will make thousands upon thousands of dollars if not millions overnight. That just never happens and is totally unrealistic.
    Offering people free stuff and making outlandish promises during promotions is the go-to themes of most such programs. Overall, you did a great job with this post. Keep up the great work and keep helping people. All the best!


  2. Hi Ami,

    You have written a great review. It does sound like a good program at first. Very enticing. It even sounds like you could eventually make money with it if you bought into everything. But you are right about Wealthy Affiliate. When comparing the 4% club to Wealthy affiliate, how old is the 4% club and how many members does it have. Does it at least have a great community to bounce information and ideas of? Thanks in advance for your response.

    • Hi, Horace. You are right. The 4% Group is very enticing at first, then comes the disappointment when you get in. As for eventually making money with it, I am really not sure. I would say that one should only try it if one can afford to risk more that $300 on advertising. The track record and the huge community at wealthy Affiliate are second to none. It speaks for itself. Thanks so much for reading.

  3. Hi Ami!

    Thanks for your review! I was on the verge of joining 4Percent. However, after I read your review I have second doubts. I usually stay away from people that don’t reveal the right informational from the very beginning. Thank you for giving an alternative. I will take a look at your Wealthy Affiliate review!

    • Hi, Andrei. Glad to hear that the review has been of help to you. Do take a look at Wealthy Affiliate and be the judge. After all, you can get started with a free account. Nothing to lose. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I wish you success.

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