What is your hobby? My hobby is writing. Yes! that’s a hobby too. And just like you are, I too was once wondering how to turn my hobby into a business. I wanted to know how to earn money from my writing.

We all have something that we love to do. Something that we’d rather do instead of something else at any given time.

While one person can spend endless hours reading books, another person will comfortably sit all day playing computer games. Another person’s pleasure activity is to take a walk through the woods.

Instead of passing judgment at someone’s choice of pastime, we should instead recognize that we are all uniquely different with unique interests. Wouldn’t life be boring if we all liked and did the same things?


Diversity is what makes this world an interesting and fun place to be in.


Definition of a Hobby

A hobby is an activity or an interest that is pursued, for the purpose of pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation ⇐ this is where all the fun is. It’s not the main occupation – it does not take up most of your time – yet it rewards you with pleasure and relaxation. Have you ever thought about it like that? That is the exact reason why I  needed to know how to turn my hobby into a business – since it doesn’t take up most of my time.


Monetizing your Hobby

If indeed a hobby is something that causes us joyful sensations, shouldn’t we then find a way to also cause it to reward us in form of money? The definition of money is ‘a current medium of exchange‘. Should we not share what we are passionate about with others whom we share the same interests, help them out in the process and in exchange generate some revenue out of it?

People are always looking for information. Someone who loves reading books is searching for someone who has done a short summary or review of book titles they are intending to read. They also may be looking for someone who has a collection of good read recommendations.

Likewise, someone who loves playing games is also searching for recommendations on the best games, or for tips and tricks of a particular game. Someone who loves a particular sport is also looking for information on the latest sports gadget they need to get their hands on. This type of scenario happens in every aspect of literally every kind of interest.

Someone will come to your website, read your article, then proceed to buy whatever product or service you have recommended. Thus, you have monetized your hobby.


Where do I start

Note: Please read through this basic guide first to get an overview of the process, then you may follow the steps afterward.


The first thing we have to agree is that there is much more potential in using an online portal.

The internet has an unrivaled capacity to give you very wide exposure on anything you set up online. You will get to interact with people from every corner of this earth, from places you will likely never get the chance to set foot in this lifetime. Then again maybe not.

In other words, the internet would be a very good place to start.


How do I get started on sharing my Hobby with others

The first thing you will need is a website, also known as a blog. A website is used the same way someone would rent a physical shop and display their wares for someone else to come and buy, only that in the case of a website, your wares are housed virtually. You place a link to a product on your website, that leads to someone else’s store where the goods are housed. No inventory needed on your part. The product could also be a digital download.

A good example is this website you are currently on, it’s a virtual shop for passing out information.

Before you set up your website you will need a Domain. Think of it this way, once you locate a shop to display your wares, it comes bare, unbranded, so that you, the new owner can brand it or rebrand it if it had previous occupants.

A domain is the name of your online shop. Websites are already in place, but cannot be used effectively without a domain name. People would not know how to locate your physical shop unless it had a name. The same applies to a shop housed on the internet. It needs a domain name as an identity.


Step 1 – Get a Domain name

There are several places you could purchase one but for the purpose of this example, I will use one vendor.

The average cost of purchasing a domain is $11. You shouldn’t spend any more than that.

Remember that you are branding your shop. The name you chose for your shop should reflect your hobby. It should resonate with your target audience. If you walked into a shop branded ‘households’ only to find building material in it, what would you do? walk away.

The domain name should also be easy to remember.

It also has to be available for purchase. Someone else might have already thought of the name you are thinking of right now. If it’s not available, you just have to brainstorm through different domain name ideas and check which one is available to be registered.

NOTE: Please stick to a .com domain. It is known as a top tier domain and is preferable and easier to remember.


Step 2 – Hosting

The next thing you will need to do is to get hosting for your domain. Remember we said the website (shop) is already there. But it is bare, we need shelves to place our wares. That is the purpose of hosting.

Blue host has an all in one package where you purchase a domain and hosting together. You can choose the basic package which is more than sufficient for a beginner.


How to purchase a domain and hosting at Bluehost

Step 1 – Go here and brainstorm through different domain names. If you already have a domain name, all you need is hosting for your domain.


Step 2 – Choose a package. The basic starter package should be more than sufficient for a new blog or for someone who is just getting started.




















Step 3 – Choose the pricing that fits your budget. Bluehost packages are billed yearly. You can uncheck all the other options except for the domain privacy protection check box. It’s an option for hiding or protecting the personal information of the domain owner from the public – like the email address and phone number. Credit card details are not stored so you shouldn’t worry about those.


Step 4 – Enter your personal details and billing information.



Step 5 – Your registration is complete.

From your Bluehost account back-office click on the install WordPress button. That will automatically Install WordPress for you, then chose your domain name that you have just registered to install it to WordPress.

You can follow these steps to ensure you successfully install your blog.


You are done! your blog is ready to roll. You are now ready to start adding content to your blog. You cannot monetize your hobby without first giving out information of value to someone. They will feel comfortable purchasing from you only if you offer them some valuable information.


Step 3 – Adding content to your blog

Content may include text (articles), images, sounds, videos, animations among other things. Content enhances the user experience. You will start off by writing about your hobby.

People will come to your website because they are looking for information. They will re-visit your website because they loved it or they got some value from your it. Don’t forget that these are the same people that you share interests with.


– Choose a Theme

A theme is the design of your shop – The paintwork, how the shelves are arranged and how your wares are displayed.

Login to WordPress through your Bluehost cPanel account if you are not already logged in, Under Appearance click on themes on the drop-down menu, then select one of the themes that tickles your fancy. You can always change it later.



After your theme is installed, it’s now time to create your first page. Pages will be the main feature on your blog. They will appear on the main menu at the top of your website.

Under the page button, click ‘create new’ on the drop-down menu. Chose a title for your first page, and proceed to write your heart out on the article body section 🙂

You notice where it says ‘write your first blog post. You can leave that one for now. You will use it after you create your pages.

Note: It will be a very good idea to create an About Me page as one of your pages. You might as well start with it. This is the place to tell people about yourself and your hobby. Give people an overview of who you are.




The title and body of your article are the information people are looking for. Be creative.


After you finish writing, click the ‘Publish’ button on the right.


Your blog is now out there on world wide web 🙂 Are you excited? Congratulations, you have just published your first blog! Give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it.


NB: Be sure to take some time and go through your WordPress dashboard to familiarize yourself with the back office. After just a couple of logins and writing a couple more articles, it will become second nature – like a shop that one has been running for some time.


UPDATE: Although the $2.75 offer has ended, the usual $3.95 per month Bluehost package is still the best price you will find.


Final Thoughts

Starting up a blog is just one aspect of your journey to blogging about your hobby. You also need to know how to market your blog – how to tell Google to index your blog so that it can be found by the relevant people.

Wealthy Affiliate has an extensive step by step course on everything you need to do to start earning revenue from your blog. It will take you from the beginning to the very last aspect of monetizing your blog. Including how to write your articles so Google falls in love with them. You will need google as a friend. Some small mistakes can cause your website never to be indexed.

Check out the link below. It’s a video walkthrough by the Wealthy Affiliate co-founder Kyle on creating a website fast.

How To Create A Website In Under 30 Minutes

And the best thing is, you can get started with a Free Wealthy Affiliate Account right here. right now.


What are your thoughts? was this guide helpful? have any questions or comments? feel free to leave them in the comment box below and I will get back to them.

  1. Very informative post! It’s great to know that there are alternatives like creating your own blog. You step by step explanation is clear and it looks very easy. As a WA member I have to say that I had zero experience when I joined and so far I have learned so much. It’s true that as you learn you will make mistakes but the community and support center have been of great help.

  2. Blogging is a great way to connect with other people with the same hobbies. I started a personal blog years ago and really enjoyed the interactions with other people from all over the world. Later I learned a bit more about putting ads on my blog and making some extra money but it didn’t start out that way. Good advice here on setting up a blog, it can be overwhelming when first starting.

    • True, Jayne. I too have met some very wonderful people through blogging. You are one of them 🙂 And you are right, it can be overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature. Thank you for reading.

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