I started my online home business journey back in 2010. If I knew what I now know, I would have evaded quite a number of scams. It would have saved me time, money and anguish if only I had had the knowledge on how to avoid work at home scams.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to go through the trial and error and the pain of losing your hard earned cash to heartless scammers.

In subsequent posts, I will be doing reviews on several programs so that one can make an informed decision before jumping head first to join them.

But first, you need to know the red lights to look out for whenever you come across any online opportunity promising an income. You need to arm yourself with the knowledge on how to determine its authenticity.


1. Are you being asked to make upfront payments?


Never part with money before you get to see what you are paying for.

This is very common especially with survey sites (sites that pay you for reviewing products or services) and data entry opportunities. As much as there are legitimate ones out there, the scam sites are as many so the chances of falling prey to are as high.

Do some due diligence and scrutinize any site that is asking you to pay in order for you to get in or to get more information. You can type “name of the site + reviews” on the google search bar and read what comes up. Never jump into any opportunity before doing your research.



2. Product or Service Involved

Does the particular opportunity have a real product or service offering any real value? What is the source of revenue? If there is no product or service, that could be a possible pyramid scheme. I Will write more about such programs.

Most pyramid schemes come under the guise of Network Marketing. Whereas in a good Network Marketing company, a real product offering real value to the consumer is involved, and revenue is generated from the use of that particular product or service.



3. Track record

This is the most important business aspect we should look out for in any home business opportunity or any business for that matter. How long has it been in operation? does it have a good track record? what kind of reviews from actual real people show up on the internet?

If you take some little time and do some background check on any business, it will save you some heartache later. You don’t want to find yourself back on google typing in ‘how to avoid work at home scams’ after being ripped off.



3. Support



What kind of support are you going to get after signing up? There should be a clear-cut definition of the kind of support you will get when you get to the other side. If the only kind of support you can spot is a ‘support@whatever.com’ kind, be very afraid.

Once you fill in your credit card details and hit the sign up button is when you realize those help emails rarely get replied to.





4. Get rich quick promises

Run! If you’re being promised a six-figure miraculous income in the shortest time possible, run for dear life. If your goal is to get rich quick, am sorry to break this to you but you will end up right back where you left off.

Your sanity is important. You don’t want to go through the roller coaster of emotions this kind of scams will subject you to. When after you’ve taken out credit to pay for the promises and you end up deeper in debt.




Final Thoughts

Wealth is progressively accumulated. You have to start off from somewhere and build on it step by step, day by day. If you want to be financially free in the next year or 5 years from now, you are going to have to make calculated thought out decisions and steps towards that income goal.

It doesn’t happen overnight. A year of sacrifice, determination, and perseverance as you lay the foundation for your online business and eventual financial freedom is worth it and pays off handsomely.

Don’t waste your precious time, money and energy on scams, take hold of your financial future

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What are your thoughts? have you been scammed before? or if you do have any questions or comments, please share them in the comment box below and I will get back to them.


  1. I hear you! I got scammed a few times. A chance I didn’t have the money they were asking for because I would have lost it.

    I got scammed basically after filling something like an online employment form asking for your phone number. So not long after that I would receive a phone call from someone who seemed convincing that would sell me the moon. But I the end of it it was always the same thing. If I wanted to be in I needed to bring my credit card to the front. And it was not just small amounts they were asking $800 to $1,000

    So my advice after that experience, don’t give your phone number in any form unless you are sure that they won’t call you for that kind of stuff.

    • $800? these scammers are heartless! I am ashamed (or not) to say that I have been scammed too. It was out of those hard lessons that I knew how to spot them from a mile away. Once bitten twice shy

  2. I have come across many variations of work at home scams on the web, but I’ve noticed how they all use the exact same manipulation tactics to lay their hands on your money.

    Thanks ever so much for highlighting the main red flags when it comes to scams, and I think the biggest of them all has to be promises of get rich quick because there are so many folks looking for easy money, and so they get caught up easily in these traps.


    • You are welcome Neil. Very true, the get rich quick lie is the noose they use to pull in people. Especially a person who might be in a situation of need and is desperately looking for a way out. Sad too that people become gullible and fall prey to these schemes for wanting quick easy money.

  3. Hi Raquel,
    Those 6-figure income promises sure are enticing, aren’t they? Fortunately, when I decided to venture online, I had enough life experience to avoid those. But that’s not to say it didn’t feel like navigating a minefield at times. I’ve had an online affiliate marketing business for a year now. I’m thrilled to report that achieving success is possible! Finding a supportive learning environment like WA was the key. That, and persistent effort, week in and week out! You’re offering some excellent advice here!

    • Thank you Linda. Yes they sure are enticing, with all the false promises of making a kill in the shortest time possible. I hope the article saves someone the pain of being scammed. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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