The major benefit of working from home is you can work from wherever and whenever you want– since you will not be limited to working from home only.

As I have shared in the about me page, I was desperately looking for a solution that was going to enable me to take care of my kids and work at the same time. That is how I stumbled onto the world of online business. I have never looked back; despite the trial and error hurdles I went through – I lost chunks of money trying out literally everything out there.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to go through that. You can go here and find out how to start a work from home business right now.


More benefits of working at home

Avoid Traffic and Everyday commuting

We all hate traffic. No one likes to get caught up in traffic. It wastes a lot of our time that could have been used to do something more meaningful. It is also very tiring; You get back home and feel like you walked all the way.

Then there’s the everyday commuting – a long one if your home is a good distance away from your workplace – while you could accomplish more in less time while working at home, minus the commute. Not forgetting the gas savings that could be used to build a home business instead.


More time with family

One is able to accomplish more in less time while working at home and frees up more time to spend with family than you would while working away from home.

Then there are those little but significant everyday joys – like being there to witness your baby’s first steps. These cannot be overlooked.


More productivity

One is able to accomplish more in less time while working at home unlike you would in a workplace environment. An online business requires much time. Not to say that work and effort are not a factor. There is work to be done in order to build a successful online business. If done in a systematic way, a lot can be accomplished in less time.


Less stressful environment

The home environment is quieter and less stressful compared to a workplace environment. Even a toddler going through the terrible twos on steroids cannot compare to the freedom of working at home versus the constricted workplace environment. Some children act out their tantrums in protest of the lack of sufficient time with their parents.

Most work environments are either not conducive to, or will not allow you to take a 15-minute power nap, which we now know helps in increasing productivity. At home, you take it whenever you need it and the result will be a much healthier, optimally functioning and productive being.


Final Thoughts

The benefits of working at home are numerous and as much as there are also some disadvantages, the former outweigh the latter.

Also, working at home may not be for everyone. You have to know your why as to why you feel a home environment is the better option for you. We are all different and some people will function better in a fast paced environment

Working at home also does require some discipline or one will end up not accomplishing much.

If you have weighed your options and have decided that this is for you, then Wealthy Affiliate will hold your hand and take you from zero to having your own thriving online business.

Remember that every business – whether online or offline is not built in a day. Success is effort applied consistently.


  1. Hi Ami Raquel,

    this is a great post with lots of interesting information for people new to affiliate marketing to take into account. I have found it can be a bit stressful but as a beginner to this there is plenty of good advice on WA.

    Wishing you every success 🙂


  2. You are doing a great job here and you know the benefit of working at home are numerous. Your life will not be depending on one boss to pay you at the end of a month before you eat.

    Though working at home has so many benefits associated with it, it also requires that you put in all your effort before you can begin to see any tangible progress. You should be ready to apply the necessary rules for success and be patient.

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